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Home generators are great for providing electricity in times of power outages or malfunctions. Designed for short-term use, standby generators light up your house during outages and may also provide power to run appliances like heat pumps, refrigerators, furnaces, televisions, and heaters.

Stationary home generators require a professional or licensed electrical contractor for installation. The generators are connected to your home's wiring system through an automatic transfer switch, and they come with an automatic power monitoring system. Each one is designed to automatically turn on when power to the home is lost, and turn off when the power is restored.

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The professionals at Dana's Heating & Cooling, Inc. recommend having your generator checked every few years to guarantee it's still in good working order. Generators can be important during a natural disaster or emergency situation. Dana’s takes great pride in our generator installations. We offer great referral companies to service your generators. Give us a call today!

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